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Safari Lodges, Style And LED Lighting

Dinner on the fire deck - Mateya Safari Lodge

There are two main things you expect from a luxury safari lodge: style and a green approach to their decor. After all when the conservation of endangered animals is your primary objective, it makes sense to look at the overall environmental impact of your lodge. Energy saving measures, recycling initiatives, water conservation, growing herbs and vegetables on site are all measures that are being put in place by forward thinking safari lodges, but the style aspect is most evident in the lighting.

Mateya safari lodge LED lighting
Mateya Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve
Inverdoorn Safari Lodge - Ambassadors Suite

All important in the style, look and feel of  a lodge, lighting design can create the perfect ambience, or not. Two South African safari lodges that have got it right are Mateya Safari Lodge, in the Gabbro Hills of the Madikwe Reserve, and Inverdoorn, a private game reserve in the Karoo not far from Cape Town.

What they both have in common, besides the animals, is that both have sourced their LED lighting design from Cape Town-based Candela LED. It’s good to know that LED lighting technology has evolved enough for hotels and lodges to integrate it so beautifully into their decor – exuding style and green ethos in a luxury setting.

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