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Groundbreaking Foodie News or Stylish Leg-pull?

Fairview-coffee-goatsThe most expensive coffee in the world is reputed to be Kopi Luwak or civet coffee – this rarefied form of coffee is distinguished by its aromatic and mellow flavour without the usual bitterness of many coffees – these qualities are a result of its unusual process the coffee beans are first eaten and then passed by the Asian Palm Civet. While this may be a total turn-off for many, gourmet coffee drinkers pay a premium for this delicacy…

And now here in South Africa local gourmets have been promised a new coffee experience. Inspired by Kopi Luwak that he experienced in Indonesia, innovative Fairview owner Charles Back is reported to have experimented on some of his prize goats with the same coffee bean eating process. Apparently it worked beautifully – the goats love the coffee beans and their digestive juices have a similar effect to those of the Asian civet, producing a wonderfully mellow and aromatic coffee.

Hesitant would-be gourmets are assured that the coffee beans are extremely well washed before being dried and roasted. The resulting coffee is said to have wonderful health benefits, rejuvenating and promoting a positive outlook on life. The goats are loving this new project too and are full of energy! The aptly named Goffee can be tasted at Fairview’s restaurant The Goatshed from 1st April….

Unfortunately the excitement is short-lived as the reader notes the tags on this ground-breaking announcement and turns to the date of the post… 1st April… a creative and compelling foodie April Fool. Such a shame, I could imagine quite a queue of local foodies queuing for this rare and wonderful goat coffee!

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