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Coffee Style

Origin Coffee Roaster logo-by-DEEPOrigin Coffee Roasting, Cape Town’s very own centre of the art of great coffee, now has a new logo and there is newly designed packaging to look forward to.

Not that their Cape Town de Waterkant headquarters isn’t already as stylish as you could ask for as a dedicated coffee aficionado!

With their own artisan roaster on site, a professional barista school an atmospheric cafe and a specialist tea room it’s a mecca for anyone who takes coffee seriously.

There are ten or more single original coffees available to taste at any one time, all sourced ethically from the world’s finest coffee growers, so you can savour the best of the best. You can also learn more about the art of roasting coffee beans if you feel so inclined, or even take a course in barista training, so you can match their results yourself.

Plus I love the idea of booking Origin’s mobile coffee bar with their team of baristas for a special event – what could be more stylish than really great coffee on tap from morning to night!

Logo designed by DEEP

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