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South Africa at the Oscars

Searching for SugarmanTwo films that were filmed on location in the Western Cape are in with a chance at the Oscars next month; one of which has been an international music sensation and the other a short film that hasn’t yet made waves but which has been very well received at international festivals.

Searching for Sugarman is a documentary with the feel of a movie – the story is so well told, such a human drama that whether you love the music or not you are drawn in. It’s the story of Rodriguez, the Seventies singer whose two albums never made it at home in the United States but who was a huge hit and a mysterious legend here in South Africa. Two individual South Africans tried to discover what happened to him, thinking he’d died in dramatic circumstances, only to find eventually after a long and arduous search that he was alive and working as a building laborer in Detroit, completely unaware of his musical fame over here. The story has a happy ending as he is now, aged 70, touring the world and playing sold out concerts in several countries. He’ll be in Cape Town in February.

Asad is a short movie filmed on location in Paternoster with a cast of South African Somalis. The story is set in Somalia about a boy who has to decide whether to become a fisherman or a pirate.

So watch the Academy Awards in February to see whether one of these film productions with stunning South African locations receives an Oscar.

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