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QR Codes Meet Design

QR code designIf you’re at the cutting edge of tech trends, QR codes are probably old news to you. Scannable codes that can be printed on business cards, marketing materials or anything at all, so that customers can access webpages instantly at one click of a smartphone camera, QR codes are a cool concept.

But till recently they weren’t so cool to look out. There’s nothing sexy about a barcode, and their more sophisticated cousins, the QR codes, still had that black and white checkerboard look until this year. But now design companies are getting clever and making a feature out of customizing codes to make them beautiful as well as functional.

QR code design
Simple QR codes can simply have a logo embedded into them, or a simple design feature included in the code. Colour can be used, hard edges can be softened, or you can get really fancy…

QR code design
While South Africa is catching up with the trend of QR codes on business cards (make things easier for your contacts by giving them a QR code to scan, so they can input your contact details in one simple click) there are only a few designers and printers currently offering this service. If you’re in Cape Town, contact Deep Design for more information about putting QR codes on business cards to make them really smartphone friendly.

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