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11 Cool Business Card Designs


Clever, graphic, simple, groovy or just plain over the top, when it comes to business card design, today you are spoilt for choice. It almost seems that there are so many creative business cards out there, that you would stand out from the crowd more, if you stayed with a traditional design.

What you go for in the end depends upon your business. After all your business branding has to be reflected in your business card, as it’s usually the first point of contact for potential clients. We like the obvious quality of the thick board cards above, but in some businesses it’s a clever idea that will catch the eye and impress the clients.

Here are some creative and clever business cards that have caught our eye recently.

producers business cardSimple graphic lines but very effective

plastic business cardPlastic cards are a current trend, with slick transparent design elements essential.

singed business cardClever ! I’ll remember this one. Don’t know what he does though!

dentist business cardDefinitely makes an impression!

hair design  business cardNice combination of funky design, useful freebie and a good reason to hang on to the card.

photography business cardNo problem working out what this guy does.

clothes-peg business cardClothes pegs are always handy, but can you guarantee this one won’t be hanging out on the line when you need the number?

marriage counsellor business cardSimple, memorable and depressingly realistic.

piano 3D business cardAnother simple and clever idea that I’d hang on to, if my kids didn’t pinch it for their dolls house.

Lego business cardThese make me smile and I’d hang on to them, again until my kids adopted them.

If you want more inspiration, check out some of these collections of cool business card designs.

And if you are looking to print business cards  in Cape Town look here for inspiration.

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