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Voices of Africa – New Website Launched

voices-of-africa-websiteIf you, like me, tend to turn straight to the lifestyle section of the Sunday paper, if the news headlines get you down and you prefer to read stories with a positive vibe, personal stories, real people, then the new Voices for Africa microsite from the Mail & Guardian is for you.

Voices of Africa features stories from all over Africa, stories written by real people living there – not news but personal stories, funny stories, a peek into everyday life. It has a blog feel in the informal style and varied topics, great for browsing if you want to get a feel of the real Africa that doesn’t hit the headlines, the Africa that isn’t currently starving or fighting or politicking or striking.

Anyone can contribute, if they have a story they want to write, a point of view they want to express, with the result that the stories are varied, personal and rich. Go and have a look if you want to get away from doom and gloom, if you want a view into the Africa that is getting on with its own life, colourful, innovative and yes often chaotic. There is commentary too, opinion pieces, humorous views on events.

The site is well laid out (designed by Deep), it’s easy to find something to dip into  and as it’s constantly being updated there’s always something new.

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