Louis Vuitton Shoot by Annie Leibovitz Features Bono in Africa

Louis Vuitton ad with Bono and Annie Leibovitz in Africa

Louis Vuitton ad with Bono and Annie Leibovitz in AfricaBono isn’t known for lending himself to advertising campaigns and he doesn’t usually take part in shoots without the band members of U2, but made an exception for this shoot which promotes something close to his heart. In 2005 he and his wife, Ali Hewson, started an ethical fashion label Edun, which Vuitton parent company LVMH have supported since 2009 with a 49% share in it, in their bid to promote a more sustainable fashion ethic. Continue reading “Louis Vuitton Shoot by Annie Leibovitz Features Bono in Africa”

Mail and Guardian Book of South African Women 2012

Mail and Guardian Book of South African Women 2012
Mail and Guardian Book of South African Women 2012
E J von Lyrik - Musician

The Mail and Guardian Book of South African Women has evolved beyond being a little black book of South Africa’s leaders, movers and shakers. For 2012 it has shifted to grass roots level, celebrating women who are really making a difference in their own communities and spheres.

Browsing through the list of 50 women, you’ll find inspirational stories of women from all over South Africa who are working for a better future: Thelma Nkosi, a community co-ordinator working to empower communities in protecting their water systems and local environment; Isabella Holden a project co-ordinator for the Lifeline victim empowerment programme who is partially blind but full of energy and drive; Mitta Lebaka, herself burned severely as a child who works to help children all over Africa who suffer severe burns. There are musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, women from all walks of life,all cultures and races, all provinces, rural and urban backgrounds. Each profile is accompanied by a stunning portrait by celebrated portrait photographer Sally Shorkend bringing all these vibrant women to life on the page.

There are also essays: a moving account of a mother, a spirited letter from her 80 year old self to the author, an account of being the first woman constitutional court judge and more.

The book was launched in time for Women’s Day and the gorgeous website developed by Deep can now be browsed any time you need a dash of inspiration from the energy and innate style of these 50 extraordinary women, who are bringing a positive energy to South Africa.

Westlife Go Out In Style

Westlife video productionNo green hills and soft Irish weather for Westlife’s final video production together – instead they chose to fly to South Africa, where the dry rolling landscape and dramatic light of Johannesburg’s Cradle of Mankind provided a stunning backdrop to this their last shoot.

The Lighthouse video and release of a last greatest Hits album mark the end of the Irish boy band’s journey together, as they are splitting up early this year to follow their own individual paths. However the behind the scenes shoot video showed them all in good form, full of energy and larking about in boats during lulls in the production. Facilitated by Prinz Productions the video production has a safari feel, dry grassland, red roads, and thorn trees adding drama and impact.

A great way for the band to go out in style!

Mercedes Benz Photography Shoot

photography-productionIf you think of iconic style in connection with cars, what springs to mind? The E-type Jag? Lamborghini? Or the cute factor of the Mini?

You probably wouldn’t be thinking back as far as this Mercedes Benz original model. And yet, it is the ultimate in style icons: the very first Benz Patent Motorwagen from 1886, restored and photographed on location in Cape Town for the Mercedes Benz 125th anniversary of the first ever motor car.

Prinz Productions facilitated the shoot in Cape Town and you can read more about this stills photography shoot and their photography production at their site, and enjoy more of photographer Torsten Klinkow’s stylish images.