Film Locations – Around the World in Southern Africa

on location near Cape TownSouth African ex-pats living in Canada may get a sense of déjà vu when the next Canadian ILC Lotto Max lottery campaign is released.

The commercial shows an idealistic world tour that a lottery winner might dream of, with picturesque scenes depicting  India, Japan, New York and Mexico among other destinations, and yet the whole production was shot on location in Southern Africa. Have fun spotting which scenes were shot in Namibia, which around Cape Town and which Mexican ruins were actually shot in Zanzibar!

It seems that Southern Africa’s diversity of film locations together with the fact that it is English speaking with first class film production infrastructure made it the top choice for this wide-ranging production, as it has been for many other top commercial productions before it. Guaranteed to make South Africa ex-pats nostalgic for home whenever a commercial break comes on!

South African Movies Latest Top 3

Safe House - on location in Cape TownSouth African movie fans were delighted to find three new movies filmed at home to choose from this weekend. The top three box office draws in South Africa this weekend were all filmed here, on location in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg.

First place was taken by Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds  – an international production filmed both on location in and around Cape Town and at Cape Town Film Studios. It opened in SA this weekend to gross R4.1million. It did pretty well in the US as well, grossing $40m in its first weekend when it opened there on 10th February.

Next on the SA top 3 list is Afrikaans romantic comedy Semi-Soet, filmed on location in the Cape Winelands and in Jo-burg.

And only just beaten into third place is South African comedy, Material – The Movie, a story of a Muslim boy in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, who discovers a talent for stand up comedy, which received rave reviews.

For more details of all three movies read here.

We’re loving the fact that we can go to the cinema and see our own streets and landscapes on screen, as well as the fact that the South African movie industry is thriving so well. Looking forward to seeing many more movies filmed at locations in South Africa over the coming years.

11 Cool Business Card Designs


Clever, graphic, simple, groovy or just plain over the top, when it comes to business card design, today you are spoilt for choice. It almost seems that there are so many creative business cards out there, that you would stand out from the crowd more, if you stayed with a traditional design.

What you go for in the end depends upon your business. After all your business branding has to be reflected in your business card, as it’s usually the first point of contact for potential clients. We like the obvious quality of the thick board cards above, but in some businesses it’s a clever idea that will catch the eye and impress the clients.

Here are some creative and clever business cards that have caught our eye recently.

producers business cardSimple graphic lines but very effective

plastic business cardPlastic cards are a current trend, with slick transparent design elements essential.

singed business cardClever ! I’ll remember this one. Don’t know what he does though!

dentist business cardDefinitely makes an impression!

hair design  business cardNice combination of funky design, useful freebie and a good reason to hang on to the card.

photography business cardNo problem working out what this guy does.

clothes-peg business cardClothes pegs are always handy, but can you guarantee this one won’t be hanging out on the line when you need the number?

marriage counsellor business cardSimple, memorable and depressingly realistic.

piano 3D business cardAnother simple and clever idea that I’d hang on to, if my kids didn’t pinch it for their dolls house.

Lego business cardThese make me smile and I’d hang on to them, again until my kids adopted them.

If you want more inspiration, check out some of these collections of cool business card designs.

And if you are looking to print business cards  in Cape Town look here for inspiration.

Bond Film Production Not In Cape Town … Yet!

James BondCape Town may have to wait to see 007 in a cable car shoot out on Table Mountain. The persuasive rumours circulating the industry and the internet that had the next Bond movie filmed on location in Cape Town, with a script from the latest Bond novel Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver, have proved to be unfounded.

The details of Bond 23 were finally announced in a November press conference – the movie is titled Skyfall and is based on one of Ian Fleming’s novels. Daniel Craig will star as Bond with Judi Dench continuing as M, and Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney in undisclosed roles.

Some of the speculation on a South African James Bond movie started when director Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli came to South Africa on a location scout in April 2011. While it is not entirely ruled out that there may be scenes set here, it now sounds unlikely with shooting scheduled in Shanghai and other parts of China and opening scenes set in Istanbul.

However the summer season of film production in Cape Town is already off to a busy start, so 007 may not even be missed, there’s plenty of shaken not stirred glamour to be found on location in and around the city as it is – and who knows, maybe he will get around to visiting South Africa in a year or two, when Carte Blanche eventually does get made into a movie.

Table Mountain – Icon of Natural Style

Table MountainAs anyone who lives in Cape Town will tell you, Table Mountain is the ultimate style icon, presiding protectively over the city, its unforgettable silhouette visible from many miles away up the West Coast. So we are all thrilled that Table Mountain has made it into the final list of the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World.

While the New 7 Wonders is a private initiative, criticised by many as unscientific in its voting processes, it has certainly caught the popular imagination here in South Africa, where a chance to get recognition for our most recognisable landmark was seized with enthusiasm.

It’s not that Cape Town needs any publicity. Already a popular destination for travellers on all budgets, from luxury to backpacking, it has also been a top favourite location for film productions for many years. It has also been named design capital for 2014, so there is no shortage of headlines or visitors.

But we have yet to see Table Mountain featuring as itself in a blockbuster movie. Too often our beaches stand-in for other countries, our versatile landscape locations of mountain, rolling wheatfields, wine estates, even desert, double for other places, other times.

We’re hoping to see Table Mountain feature prominently in a movie some time soon – who knows maybe the next James Bond will do the trick – Carte Blanche is rumoured to be considering Cape Town as a possible location, seeing as the book is set here. Just imagine 007 on a mission dangling from the cable car ascending the side of the Mountain in a shoot out with the latest villain…!

And if you have seen a movie that features Table Mountain as a location, please do let me know in the comments – I’d be thrilled to be wrong!

Cape Town Design Capital 2014

Cape Town is celebrating its win today – winner of its bid to become World Design Capital 2014, against the other two capitals shortlisted, Bilbao and Dublin.

Our first reaction – a big rousing cheer for Cape Town. Yay!!!!

Our second, but what does this actually mean in real life terms? A great answer has already been provided by Fred Roed, explaining what we can expect for Cape Town over the next few years in the design and creative field.

Cape Town is already a prime destination for film productions, foodies, wine enthusiasts and holiday-makers, but this announcement gives it a new gravitas in the global creative community and we can expect a whole lot more attention coming our way. So here’s looking forward to a whole lot more great design concepts coming out of Cape Town over the next few years!

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