Shop Online for Stunning South African Design

Africandy design emporium

Africandy design emporiumA fabulous new South African design shopping site has just launched – Africandy sources all the coolest products from established and emerging South African designers, so that you can find funky furniture, gorgeous cushions, cutting edge ceramic art and even luscious artisan body products all at the same place.

Browsing through the site it’s hard to resist adding item after item to your wish list, as fabulous bronze bowls and delicate jewellery all inspire “I want that!”s.

The store is carefully curated, every product chosen for its integrity and all made in South Africa by local artists, artisans and designers: so if you are looking for proudly South African pieces for your home, or for Christmas gifts, this is a great place to start shopping. Continue reading “Shop Online for Stunning South African Design”

Sustainable Design

Shift Sustainable Design

Shift Sustainable DesignSustainable design is at the heart of true stylish living. More and more South African designers are embracing an environmentally friendly ethic, whether it is choosing natural, renewable resources for their products, recycling post-consumer waste, or ensuring fair-trade principles in their production.

So it’s great to see that the Shift is encouraging sustainable design at all levels with their annual competition. Young designers and creative spirits between the ages of 18-35 can submit their  sustainable design concepts that will address some of the challenges faced by communities across the world. Continue reading “Sustainable Design”

Cape Town Design Capital 2014

Cape Town is celebrating its win today – winner of its bid to become World Design Capital 2014, against the other two capitals shortlisted, Bilbao and Dublin.

Our first reaction – a big rousing cheer for Cape Town. Yay!!!!

Our second, but what does this actually mean in real life terms? A great answer has already been provided by Fred Roed, explaining what we can expect for Cape Town over the next few years in the design and creative field.

Cape Town is already a prime destination for film productions, foodies, wine enthusiasts and holiday-makers, but this announcement gives it a new gravitas in the global creative community and we can expect a whole lot more attention coming our way. So here’s looking forward to a whole lot more great design concepts coming out of Cape Town over the next few years!