Coffee Style

Origin Coffee Roaster logo-by-DEEPOrigin Coffee Roasting, Cape Town’s very own centre of the art of great coffee, now has a new logo and there is newly designed packaging to look forward to.

Not that their Cape Town de Waterkant headquarters isn’t already as stylish as you could ask for as a dedicated coffee aficionado!

With their own artisan roaster on site, a professional barista school an atmospheric cafe and a specialist tea room it’s a mecca for anyone who takes coffee seriously. Continue reading

Introducing Now Novel

This is a guest post from Bridget McNulty, author of Strange Nervous Laughter to introduce her latest creative writing venture. Thanks Bridget!

Now Novel Creative WritingOne of the most exciting new projects to come out in the creative writing world of late is Now Novel, an online novel writing course that helps you start – and finish – your novel. What’s so interesting about Now Novel, apart from the fact that it looks great and is easy to use, is that it leads you through the novel writing process from start to finish.

So many novel writing books and online courses tell you what to do and then leave you to it, but with Now Novel you’re guided step-by-step through each phase of the process, from coming up with your central idea to finding a theme that resonates with you, creating plot and setting details and filling in in-depth character studies. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Shoot by Annie Leibovitz Features Bono in Africa

Louis Vuitton ad with Bono and Annie Leibovitz in AfricaBono isn’t known for lending himself to advertising campaigns and he doesn’t usually take part in shoots without the band members of U2, but made an exception for this shoot which promotes something close to his heart. In 2005 he and his wife, Ali Hewson, started an ethical fashion label Edun, which Vuitton parent company LVMH have supported since 2009 with a 49% share in it, in their bid to promote a more sustainable fashion ethic. Continue reading

Cashmere Scarves From Alabaste

alabaste cashmere scarvesSummer is taking a while to reach Cape Town, so luxuriously snuggly cashmere still feels very appealing, and there is a great new local brand just arrived on the luxury fashion scene.

Alabaste designs a fine range of 100% cashmere scarves – made in Mauritius and currently available from ShopLabel online or from selected retailers in Cape Town.

alabaste cashmere scarvesCape Town based stylist and fashion veteran Ava Edwards is the creative mind behind the label . The feather light but chunky winter range, aptly named Stroke Me, will be joined by a lighter summer range shortly.

The branding and packaging reflects the high-end cashmere product and is designed by Deep.

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